Blongas Bay

  • Blongas Bay

    Blongas Bay

    Blongas Bay or also known as the “Bay of Tranquility” as well as Belongas is known as the protected bay that has exquisite calm and flat waters within the southern region of Lombok. At this dive site, there can be found wonderful beaches and quite appealing fishing neighborhoods. Getting at the Blongas Bay isn’t as simple as it appears. Your easiest way is to begin at Lembar, a bigger metropolis at the northern part where the ferryboat from Bali also docks, and initiate an hour trip to Belongas.

    Nearly all scuba diving is actually performed within the entryways within the inlet and a few rock structures off the shore including Gili Wayang. At this dive site, scuba divers can encounter stronger currents, steep and deep boulders plus much more intriguing marine life. Newbie divers could be very well be better off diving close to the bay of Kuta towards the eastern part of Blongas.

    Dive Experience: Experienced
    Visibility: 15 meters to 20 meters
    Depth: 10 to 50 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to October
    How to Get There: 20 to 30 minutes by motor boat

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