Senggigi Beach

  • Senggigi Beach

    Senggigi Beach

    Scuba dive in Lombok offer an enticing encounter you absolutely want to treasure throughout your lifetime. The spectacular manta and eagle rays, reefs as well as turtles swim along with you throughout the lavish glowing blue waters and for some time you continue being lost in nature’s resources, far stripped away from the tedious anxieties of daily life.

    Senggigi is a wonderful destination to loosen up; it features a few white sandy beaches as well as harmless swimming spots. The place within central Senggigi offers good waves perfect for surfers. This place features a vivid reef which offers refuge to a few number of marine life as well as superbly shaped and causes it to be a superb spot to snorkel.
    During the dry time of year, there is an intriguing number of boats anchor within the inlet. The area of Senggigi disperses alongside approximately 10 km. of coastal highway. This highway continues to the north of Bangsal, the main harbor of Gili Islands.

    Currents: Occasional
    Visibility: 5 meters to 30 meters
    Depths: 10 meters to 50 meters
    Best Time to Dive: April to October
    How to Get There: 15 minutes by boat

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